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The Testing & Application Center signed a cooperation agreement with Germany PVA - TePla Company

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August 17, 2012, Germany PVA-TePla Company visited the Testing & Application Center, impressed by test ability and test equipments. It decided to establish cooperation and signed a formal cooperation agreement with the Testing & Application Center. In the agreement, the two sides agreed to have the in-depth and comprehensive technical exchanges, personnel training and project cooperation via seminars and university lectures, jointing training and developing projects, etc, thus further promoting technological innovation and the development of the semiconductor testing industry.    

Germany PVA-TePla Company is a high-tech listed company with a long history. It is the leading company in the semiconductor testing system and crystal growth field, is the best crystal equipment suppliers in the world. In recent years, it has more and more business in the Chinese market.

After one year rapid development, Xi’an Power Device Testing & Application Center has many the world's advanced test equipments, such as ultrasonic scanning microscope, power device dynamic parameter test system, EMI conduction testing system, high accelerated life test and highly accelerated stress screening test chamber, etc.. August 10, the center successfully passed the onsite audit of CNAS authentication, and became one of the largest and the most completed laboratory in semiconductor testing field in Northwest.    

Germany PVA - TePla company and Xi’an Power Device Testing & Application Center have their own advantages in different areas. The cooperation agreement, having complementary advantages, will guarantee to provide the quality and reliable service for the customer of Germany PVA - TePla and the center.  It will support customer on product quality, chip reliability improvement to meet higher standards.

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