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The Testing & Application Center successfully achieved the CNAS authorization and got the CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate

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August 10 to 11, 2012, the Xi’an Power Device Testing & Application Center successfully passed CNAS on-site audit, which included “laboratory quality documents compliance, the laboratory quality management system operation compliance, laboratory proficiency testing activity, etc”. The field test obtained satisfactory test results, and met the requests of on-site audit. 
November 2, 2012, CNAS formally issued the laboratory accreditation certificate to the Testing & Application Center. 
To achieved the CNAS authorization successfully means Testing & Application Center has the ability on independently inspecting power semiconductor chip and issuing an authority test report. It was also proved that the Center has the technical ability to offer testing service based on the relevant international standards. Meanwhile, the center qualified by ILAC-MRA and listed in the authorized institutions, It creates more chances to participate in international technology cooperation. And it further strengthens lab construction to enhance the testing capability and system management, promotes the Center offer better service with justice behavior, scientific method and accurate results to semiconductor industry customers. Therefore the center will help customers to reduce the risk of providing unqualified products and win the market. 
Since November 2, 2012, the Xi’an Power Device Testing & Application Center will use the CNAS logo in testing reports within approved range. The test report will be recognized in 46 countries and regions, like getting an "international passport". To expend the both domestic and international influence of the Testing & Application Center, we will constantly optimize resources and strategy, set high level testing procedure to assure enterprise sustainable development and customer satisfaction. 
The Xi’an Power Device Testing & Application Center will follow the quality policy to implement the testing standards and expend the testing scope. We will try our best to be a top lab in the field. 
China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) is approved and authorized by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China. It is responsible for the accreditation of certification agencies, laboratories, inspection agencies and other related institutions, according to relevant national laws and regulations and international standards. The testing report, issued by the organization achieved CNAS authorization not only has the force of law but also is recognized in international area. 


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