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The company trademark "SAMWIN" won the "famous trademark of Shaanxi province"

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Recently, “SAMWIN” successfully achieved "famous trademark of Shaanxi province " title, after strictly inspection, reviewing and publicity conducted by Shannxi Industrial and Commercial Administrtion Bureau and Shannxi Identification Committee of Famous Trademarks for one year.
Famous trademark is an enterprise integrated embodiment of reputation, image and strength. Now, the effect of trademark is more and more important. The consciousness of people for the trademark registration and trademark protection becomes stronger, More and more enterprises benefit from the trademark registration and intellectual property protection. As a well-known enterprise in semiconductor industry, in the fierce market competition, Semipower has been paying attention to the registration and protection of trademark. It insists in famous brand development by building the intrinsic quality of "SAMWIN" brand and preventing any illegal counterfeit. In recent years, Semipower promoted brand continuously on Chinese big medias. With the modern marketing model, it established standardized management of marketing network. Now, Samwin products are widely applied by Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Philips etc.,
It will promote further the reputation of “SAMWIN" brand in market to win the title of "Shaanxi famous trademark". The company will take this opportunity to push brand building, expand the brand advantage, and enhance the market competitiveness.

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